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Cancer Research UK

Sound & Vision Brand Identity

Cancer Research approached us in 2019 to develop a look and feel for the Sound & Vision event at Abbey Road Studios, to be held in 2020. Sound & Vision celebrates the backlog of incredible music recorded at Abbey Road and how it has revolutionised the music industry and impacted millions of lives worldwide.

CRUK-Sound-and-Vision Logo
CRUK-Sound-and-Vision Invite
CRUK-Sound-and-Vision brochure

The 2020 event continues the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album Abbey Road, as well as the Let It Be album – a significant milestone in the history of music. We developed a design that used a traditional 1960s typeface to create a logotype that has movement and personality, without being too clichéd.

Paired with a subtle perspective graphic of the famous Abbey Road crossing, referencing the studio as well as the Beatles, the logo becomes multi-dimensional. This produced a striped toolkit which is reminiscent of monotone psychedelic patterns, found in sixties fashion, design and referencing the musical artists of the era.

CRUK-Sound-and-Vision Posters
CRUK-Sound-and-Vision Invite 2
CRUK-Sound-and-Vision brochure

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